Hi, good day to all. If you didn't know yet my name is Chris Brumfield born and raised in Joliet, Illinois a suburb of Chicago. Growing up I discovered that I had a passion for art at an early age. As a child, I was diagnosed with severe asthma, so I spent a lot of time in the hospital. But having that childlike innocence I was still happy and found something to bring me joy, which is how I discovered art.

      I give my father credit for the discovery, he was an artist too. Do you know that will to be like your parents?  Well, that will to be like my father is what drove me to draw.  By continuing to draw and hone my skill I made one of my fathers' dreams come true, as well as mine. If your lucky enough to have parents that encouraged you, then you can identify with me when I say I used to hear all the time my father saying he wanted me to be better than he was at drawing, and it happened too.  I’m not bragging I’m just telling the story as it is here.

      Through the years I developed a love for designing characters and this became my focus for a large part of my life until a teacher encouraged me to write out my stories. Later on in college, I expanded on my craft, learning and loving the various styles of art.

      Now I consider myself an all-around artist, a multimedia artist able to work with almost any medium with a wide skill set ranging from graphics to minor film editing. One thing is for certain, I love art and the infinite forms it can take, so this is why I am a multimedia artist. I hope you enjoyed my little story and welcome to my world.