Voices of Lo-kiss Liz


In my dreams

I see.

I see things.

I see things of the future.

I see darkness.

I see a dark dreary world.

I see a world void of all life.

I see a world consumed in total darkness.

I see the past and present.

I see people, beings like me.

I see people with visions of past, present, and future.

I see people who dream as I do.

I see images of Darkness.

I see people who do nothing to halt it.



But I can't let this be.

A world void of life?


Life is precious.

I can't let it be extinguished.

My voice must be heard.

I speak now.

I pray now

The futures will be bright.

This I promise.


                             Lo-kiss Liz

                             A.K.A. Kiss