Basic information and a piece of life about Candy

E. Type: None

S. Type: None

Name: Candy Smith

Nick Name: Sweets

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Dirty Blond

Species: Human/ Female

Job: Ex-prostitute, Thief  

Attack Level:

Attack Power:

Max Level:

Rage Level:

Special Ability/Skill: Thievery

Special Attack Move ('s): Hyper Spinning Blade Disk

Skill ('s): Spinning Blade Disk

Ability (ies):               

Ht: 6 "1_

Wt: 131

Weapon: Custom Kukri                                                                                 

Personality: Aggressive, Out going, Tomboyish, Little ditzy, Slick

Original Story:

Background /Info: Candy was all ways Daddy's little girl or in a since boy. Her father wanted a boy but as fate would have it a baby girl was introduced to the world and that girl was Candy Smith. Candy was a tomboy mainly because of her father. Candy's Dad treated her as if she was his son, buying her toy soldiers and transforming robots to baseballs and footballs. She was just like any little boy, her mother would go out to get her dolls and the next time her mother would see the dolls they would be tied to a tree being burned or blown up by Candy as she played war. So as the age four rolled around Candy was introduced to pre-school, she didn't get along with the girls there much and as a result she played with the boys.


All the boys like Candy they all would fight to sit next to her doing snack time, nap time and even recess who would play with her. Candy seemed to be the spark in pre-school until one day when a new student was introduced in class and he didn't like Candy too much.  He would all ways pick on her day in and day out, well one day Candy said she wasn't putting up with it anymore, so she told the boy to shut up. Well that didn't go over to well, the kid beat Candy up. When Candy's father seen what that kid had done to his daughter that was it, it was time for Candy to learn to fight. But he didn't teach her to fight himself no, he enrolled Candy in a fighting school. In the next few years Candy seemed not to have any problems dealing with any one picking on her.


As the years rolled by Candy seemed to be doing well in school, a sophomore now, still a tomboy, still a favorite among the boys and the girl envied her. She had been taking fighting lessons for twelve years now and had a growing interest in the fighting competition come up. But she had never competed before because her mother didn't want her to mess up her good looks. On the side to make a little extra money Candy had been modeling. But Candy was willing to risk it because of her father, Candy's father had been sick for a very long time and he all ways wanted to see his little girl as champion of the women division. So against her mother's wishes Candy enter the Competition. Candy fought her first few matches and won them but there was an unexpected consequence.


Candy began to mess up in school, as one may think her grades didn't drop at all. Up until now the girls who were jealous of Candy couldn't say nothing bad about her except call her a tomboy and everyone knew that. Candy had the body of a super model, as many are aware of its hard to compete with that and she was a tomboy to add to that, many boys fantasies supposedly. But now Candy had been coming to school with bruises, scratches and other odd marks on her body. The girls took this time to gossip about Candy and what fallowed next would not be pretty. Candy's first fight she broke this girls arm and leg, Candy was suspended for two weeks. When she came back Candy put two girls in the hospital and injured one of their boyfriends and she was suspended again but this time she was put on expulsion warning. The school broad took petty on her because they knew she didn't start the fights but she could go around fighting ether, far less hurting the students so badly that they had to be hospitalized.


Candy fighting continued go well and some of her friends found out and started to show at training and cheered her on. When Candy finally returned to school it was like a different world. Everyone respected her and she was miss popular now everything seemed to be good but to every victory there is a down fall. Her Father had become very sick, so much so he was hospitalized. The sickness had gotten much worse, he was suffering from heart failure and there wasn't a downer. As life seemed to be going uphill it quickly went below sea level. Candy continued to go to school and earn good grades and excel in her fight competitions. The finals were coming up and Candy went to the hospital to tell her father the news in person. As she told her father the news a doctor enter the room, he asked Candy to leave the room because he had news for her mother and father. After the doctor left Candy returned to the room and asked her parents what was the big news. By the look on her parents face Candy could tell it wasn't good news.


Candy's mother started to speak when Candy's father cut her mother off. He said; this is my trouble I should tell her. Candy you sure you want to know this? It may be hard for you to handle. Candy responded with you're my parents, we are a family and whatever may happen we'll get through it together. Candy my sweet I don't know how to say this but I may not be here too much longer. . . . .you see I'm dying. Candy stood there with a plan look on her face stare into what appeared to an abyss. Candy said her mother, sweetie you all right. I know it's hard to hear or even believe. Candy say something dear please say something. Just then Candy fell to her knees bawling. She was crushed when everything seem to be in the blue fate throws you a wild card.


        Candy's father called her over to his bed side and said.  Candy's my first, my oldest, and my only pooh bear don't shed no more tears. You bring me so much joy into my life to see you cry is more then I can bear. Ha I taught you better then that be strong like the little or now women I brought you up to be. Don't shed tears of pain, shed tear of joy for we come a long way. Don't get weak in the knees, you're my daughter. Candy all grown up but there is one thing you have still yet to learn I'll be with you no matter what. Oh daddy said Candy collapsing hugging her father. Um now stand up my girl you got some training to do, go prepare yourself for the finals I'm rooting for you. All right dad I'll do it, I'll do it for you. Candy leaves the hospital to go train. Dear said Candy's mother don't you think you should have told her the truth, that you only have a month left, if that. I can't say, if I told her she'd be crushed. Don't you think it will be more devastating you don't tell her after all you're her father she expects you to tell her if something is wrong? I know but I don't know? 


So as the month before final rolled by Candy trained by jogging, working out, yoga, and even trained with the foot ball team a little. So the finals were finally here. Candy was ready; all of her friends were rooting for her, and her family from the hospital. The fight began; it was an intense battle both Candy and her adversary were very skilled. It was the fifth match best three out of five Candy and her opponent were tied. As the final round went on it seemed to be in Candy's favor but just when it seemed that Candy had won some thing happened. Candy's opponent was in a daze, stumbling, when Candy went around them to send the finishing blow. Her opponent turned and delivered a devastating hit to Candy.


Candy fell to the ground grasping her stomach and back out. Candy was counted out and rushed to the hospital where she received good and bad news. The good was that she only had a few strained and swollen abdominal muscles but the bad was that her father had passed on. Candy leaped  out the bed and rushed down to her father's room, when she entered her mother was there with tears rolling down her face. Candy asked what happened; her mother responded he went quietly. But that wasn't enough Candy demanded to know what happened; she wouldn't like the news she would hear. Your father . . . . I don't know when but he was . . . all right it seemed at the beginning of the final round but after it was over I looked over and he was gone.


Candy stood there for a moment then started to back away slowly. Candy said her mother, Candy wait. Candy ran and kept running until she collapsed in the middle of the road a little ways from the hospital.  It's all my fought if I didn't let him down, if I didn't lose that match he'd be here. I let him down, that was his dream, to see me become champ but look at me a loser. I, I, I killed him . . . . . . . . . . . . . . daddy I'm so sorry I didn't mean to let you down. I tried, tried my best but it wasn't enough.


Candy took the death of her father really bad. She became distant from her mother, family, and friend she started disappearing for long periods of time. Until one day she said she was never coming back and she didn't. Soon after Candy started to take drugs to ease the pain, as time went on her addition started to worsen. Candy's friends or the people she stayed with she would sleep with to get the drugs she needed. Soon her friends started to turn Candy away because the depth of her addition was too great for them to bear, so she started to sell her belongings for drugs. After Candy had sold all of her belongings except for the clothes on her back she went back to the one thing that she started out doing to gain drugs and money, selling her body.



Doing these times Candy picked up a lot of her street smarts and learned a few new skills as well, the art of thievery. As a prostitute Candy would lore men to a place where they would be alone, seduce them and after the men were tied out from their ordeal. Candy would then beat the men nearly to death and take everything they had. Pick pocketing, robbing, looting was nothing for Candy. At the time Candy thought this was the life, she could support her habit and yet still have all most everything she wanted but the thing she couldn't understand was why she wasn't happy.

As time went on Candy seemed to be falling apart from the inside out, the world she now lived had finally yielded its tail end. Candy start to have an emotional and physical brake down. People looked down on Candy, turned their noises up; her friends tried to rob, steal from her and even kill her. Subsequently Candy found herself living on the street again, her friends abandoning her she didn't know what to do. That night Candy slept in a box, she had and horrible nightmare. Candy dreamed that she had awoken in a world where society had gone to nothing; it was a world void of life, a desolate and barren world. As for the look of things nothing had lived here in some time, as she walked on through the rubble Candy noticed something. In the distance Candy could see a huge pile of boulders and stones; she could feel a strange force drawing her toward it. Despite the urge to go see what was causing this temptation Candy turned and proceeded in a different direction.


As Candy walked she felt the same sensation again, she looked far ahead and in the distance was that same pile of rubble. Candy turn and there it was again, she turned again and it was on the edge of her sight. No matter what direction Candy turned the heap of rubble still led the way. Being the only thing Candy could do she advanced forward, Candy stopped when she made it to the foot of the mountain. As she gazed upon the juggernaut before her, something whispered in her ear climb to the top and began to search for the truth about the path you have chosen your destiny lie within.


Once Candy was at the peak of the mountain she started too lifted and hurls the huge pieces of rock. As Candy continued to dig the sky had become morbid and rained, the rain felt like little razors as it's smashed into her. There was an incredible force growing in side Candy, something that wanted the truth, something that needed the truth. As Candy continued to search through the rubble the boulders seemed to be getting heavier; to the point where it would normally be impossible for her to lift. But whatever it was that needed to be discovered Candy's body would endure the harsh pain and the impossible odds.


It was deep into the night when Candy was final able to see something in the pit which she had dug. It was a corps but not just any corps it was the corps of her father, Candy tried to climb out but she had dug too far down. With her back against the wall of the stone pit Candy could see over a dozen corps, they were corps of all her family and friend from back home. The corps bodies were shriveled and mangled which started to rise from the ground and speak.. The word they spoke where bleak, Candy fall to the ground cover her ears. The corps surrounded Candy still speaking ill gotten words. Candy let out a bone chilling scream, Candy awoke.



Candy was lying in the ally the box had broke down because of the rain, Candy peeled off a newspaper that was stuck to her face. The paper read S. E. tournament only three months away register now.  Candy stood up gleaming into the dreary sky; I'll enter this tournament and win. I can't go on living like this. Candy returned home, everyone was happy to see her all right. It's had been three years and three months since she left home. When she arrived no one had recognized Candy. They could not believe it was her, now Candy was thin and her body was thrashed. Those three months Candy's friends and family help her keep to her training.


When the time came Candy gave an amazing performance but she didn't win the tournament. But  she was happy with the way she felt and looked. Most important is she finally understand what her dream meant. The path the she had chosen was sending her father's dream into the bowls hell. Now Candy decided that she loved life on the road but she had to resist temptation.  After her good byes' and farewells Candy left home once more but this time with joy and happiness in her heart.             

Quote: A mirror is two sided and yet we perceive things though one. Why don't we try looking though both.

Feelings: I learned that life is a journey and we can easy get lost in the world. Our heart speaks but its words are lost among the traffic that's streamed into minds each day. The little bits and pieces that make it through to us are usually reduced to fragment of the original words spoken thus often ignored. The hardest thing for me to do was to mute all the outside influences and lesion. What I heard was what truly makes me happy, where my truths lied that I long forgotten, and the answer to who I am and what I want. They lie there in the warm place that we shelter with frost. As humans we're born to get lost, losing that innocents, muting truth within.     

Likes: Loves nature


Friends: Gloria Simron, Tiffanie Landbrigg

Boy friend: Single

Afraid of: Bugs

Strength: Fast to correct one's self.

Weakness: at times can be clumsy